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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  August 30, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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video just into the newsroom. and traffic this morning, why you may feel you're in the middle of a "jurassic park" movie on the way to work. we begin with that breaking news. if you take 95 north into virginia, it is a mess right now, after not one but two overnight crashes. both involving tractor-trailers. the first crash near exit 149 in quantico is clear, a second crash south of that point has all traffic blocked. our news partners at wtop say there's a fuel spill that needs to be cleaned up before traffic can get through the area. we will keep you updated. good morning. i am christine wright. we will continue to keep an eye on that, bring updates as we get them, of course. we want to get you up tsp
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meteorologist chuck bell. >> after a super soaker of a day yesterday, we have a big set of improving weather conditions coming our way for today. still plenty of clouds around early this morning. there's tropical storm harvey about to come on shore the final time on the texas, louisiana border, probably more on the louisiana side than the texas side. no effect on us just yet. we'll be dealing with harvey's moisture in the first half of the labor day weekend. for now, yesterday's rain is off the northeast corridor in parts of new england, moving on out. improving weather picture for us today. a little on the cool side this morning. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. as you plan out the day, again, clouds are around this morning. more sunshine back by later afternoon, and return of sunshine means temperatures are back in the mid to upper 70s. harvey is in the gulf, getting ready to make landfall. the storm that already cau
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headed for louisiana. storm team 4 predicts landfall between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. we've already seen flooding in some parts. this is video from new orleans. needs a boat to get down the street. the timing has many bracing for the worst. yesterday marked 12 years since hurricane katrina made landfall in southeast louisiana. back in texas, harvey continues record breaking attack. new this morning, the cities of beaumont and port arthur are under flash flood warnings and people don't know how to escape the rising waters. 12 inches of rain fell there in six hours. that area could get another foot of rain today. the situation is being called beyond dire. meanwhile, houston is under mandatory curfew, people are looting
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from the storm. there's no official number on the missing. a lot of pictures going around social media. jay gray shows us despite the devastation, there was one moment for people to catch their breath. >> reporter: as sun set, much needed break in clouds over houston. but no break from the disaster. >> i told my wife let's get packing and get what we can take and get out of here. >> reporter: evacuations and rescues continue in southeast texas. choppers, boats, high water vehicles, anything that floats is being used now to rescue those trapped by flood waters. >> at least we're alive and dry. >> reporter: thanks to first responders and the volunteer navy, working around the clock in rising waters. >> we couldn't sit home and watch it any more, we had to come. >> reporter: even with the heroic effort, the number of those killed in the storm is climbing. and
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officer steve perez, swept away while trying to get to work. >> it was too treacherous to go. >> reporter: here's a look at the deadly storm by the numbers. harvey produced 19 trillion gallons of rain in texas, 51.8 inches in cedar bayou, most ever from a hurricane or tropical storm in the continental u.s. and new all time rain record for the state, and it is still not over here. >> i am thankful we are here safe. >> reporter: shelters in the city are stretched to limits, volunteers providing medical care, handing out supplies. some even opening up their homes to those in need. >> thrilled to help somebody, that's really important for us. >> reporter: help they will need here for a long time. jay gray, nbc news, houston. >> storms like this
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how much we take for granted. amelia draper is in texas and showed us how hard it is to find food. this is a line outside a grocery store. people waited more than two hours just to stock up on essentials. back at the hotel, amelia sat down with a coast guard lieutenant to talk about rescuing people during the storm. >> it's been weather like i've never seen, flying through with torrential downpours, limited visibility. now we're seeing a lot of medical evacuations, people that need medicine, diabetic, need dialysis. where can we move them, where is there dialysis available. >> he says on average they save about 20 people a day. stick with news4 as amelia brings reports from texas throughout the day. you can see other reports about how the best of humanity is coming out in this storm. while there, you can find ways to donate and help victims. search how to help. here's a look at some other
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the north korean government claiming to be the missile launched over japan earlier this week. it is the first time the north flew a ballistic missile over a u.s. ally. u.n. security council unanimously adopted a statement condemning the launch. that statement called the missile test outrage us. tomorrow marks 20 years since princess diana died. this morning, hearing from the doctor the first to treat her. he was off duty and happened to drive by the accident scene in central paris. he said he did everything he could with what he had. >> i checked her with other doctors and i couldn't have done anything better than what i did. i just had my bare hands. >> the crash killed diana, her
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boyfriend and their chauffeur. her sons william and harry plan to pay tribute by touring the memorial garden at kensington palace today. new video this morning showing a bus driver desperately trying to stop his run away bus. this happened yesterday morning in new york. as you can see, the driver there gets off the bus as it starts to roll backward. the driver tried to stop it, but eventually got pinned against a light pole and falls down to the ground. the bus, it keeps going, eventually crashed into a fence. that driver is now in critical condition. the morning commute might give you a glimpse of the prehistoric times. members of service year alliance plan to protest president trump's proposed budget by dressing up as dinosaurs. the group will be staged throughout d.c. from 7:30 to 9:30 this morning. they argue eliminating federal programs like corporation for national and community service would send us back in time. if you happen to see one of the no
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using i see at or tag us in social media posts. we'll check back in with chuck. cool out there this morning. >> very cool after a chilly day yesterday. didn't even make it to 70 degrees yesterday at national airport. most areas stayed in the mid to upper 60s. that's where we are this morning. low to mid-60s. 64 in washington, turns into a pleasant day to be outside. we'll take a look at the forecast hour by hour coming up. being a clerk at a convenience store can sometimes be dangerous. just ask this guy how he narrowly escaped death during a robbery. and a local choir back on the big stage. what the director is saying after last night's "america's got talent" performance.
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security cameras caught two masked robbers holding up a store. what happens next is something you have to see to believe. look closely, you can see a bullet hit and bounce off the cigarette rack behind the clerk who is doing okay. the terrifying incident happened sunday near tampa. deputies are still searching for the two suspects. another future olympian on the way for michael
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his wife. they announced big news on their son boomer's instagram's page, don't know if it is a boy or girl yet, clear the entire family is excited. the 23 time gold medal winner has plenty of time to change diapers since retiring from swimming after the rio olympics. if you need a pick me up before heading out the door, this will put a smile on your face. ♪ that was prince george's county and the greater works choir on america's got talent. they tore down the house trying to get to the next round, got praise from all the judges. damon said he was happy how it all turned out. >> wanted to make sure we could give them an entertaining skit. we wanted to walk in the
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>> keep your fingers crossed. results of viewer votes will be revealed on tonight's show at 8:00. looking at weather again, starting off kind of cool, going to be a pleasant day. >> i think you'll like it. i think by lunchtime there's enough sunshine to brighten the mood. here's future weather, paused at 4:00 in the afternoon. rain chances today are very low, may be an isolated shower in the shenandoah. the d.c. forecast is coming up. also ahead. we continue to get you ready for school, even if your kids already started. what you
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welcome back. 4:16. a live look outside where we're off to another cool start for august. chuck bell says don't worry, it's going to be a nice day with sun coming out later on. so another look at what you face when you head out the door in a minute. first, let's look at some of the stories we are working for you this morning. we now know the identity of the gunman that opened fire in a new mexico public library this week, identified as 16-year-old nathaniel jew et, charged as a juvenile, they expect him to face adult charges next week. they say he killed two in the shooting and don't know the motive. as the south deals with harvey, california is deali
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so far the ponderosa fire burned 200 acres in one day in northern california. officials have issued mandatory evacuations for people living in that area. chances are right now, you're getting your child ready for school or will be soon. we are working for you to help. bringing you ways to keep your kids safe, so important as they start the new school year. today we focus on students that walk or ride bikes to school. walkers, bikers, drivers have to share the road, that's especially true during back to school season when everyone is restarting their morning and afternoon routines. police are asking us all to put down our smart phones, pay close attention in school zones. that means drivers should follow posted speed limits and traffic directions. pedestrians and bikers should also stay alert. fairfax county police safety officer sheila ayres
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tips. >> they have safe routes to school. take a look at those. cross where a crossing guard is if you can. they'll safely get you across the roadway. don't walk distracted. make sure you make eye contact with the driver so they know what your intention is. >> arlington and montgomery county offer safe route planning on their websites. police suggest a practice walk or ride to school, and point out safe routes and hazards. chuck, i remember riding the bus, i don't know if you walked or rode the bus to school, when you're a kid, the safety aspect is not on your mind. it is important to pass these onto kids as well. >> always be safe when going out and about. especially these days, distracted driving is such a problem out there. as a frequent runner, i tell you, that eye contact is a good rule to make. if they're not looking at you and you're not looking at them, don't trust them. they will run you down. it is a cloudy start to the day today. a
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it will turn into a nice enough afternoon in the great outdoors. tomorrow is nice as well. still tracking remnants of harvey which could impact your saturday plans. sunday, i'm still more optimistic about. saturday start coming up with plan b for now. right now, your wednesday morning, 59 in winchester, 61 at dulles. 59 in montgomery. 62 down the road in fredericksburg. as you plan what to put on the kids, might need a low jacket early this morning. by later in the day, enough sunshine to justify sunglasses and temperatures warming up back to short sleeves. there's moisture from harvey again, still a punishing blow to parts of louisiana this morning. finally the heavy rain has pulled out of houston area. that's such good news for them. it will be weeks in the recovery to try to dry things out. future weather, again, most of us don't need to worry about rain today, could be an isolated shower in the
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planning out the day, 62 at 7:00 a.m. sunup after 6:30. highs today mid to upper 70s. nice day to be outside today. tomorrow is even better, sunny with a high near 85 degrees. rain chances are back for first half of the weekend. sheena and i will take a closer look at the forecast in a few more minutes. >> thanks, chuck. another metrobus driver assaulted. up next, search for the woman that poured urine on him and what she said moments before. we continue to get you ready for school. look at one of the hacks when it comes to keeping track of your kids' important papers and assignments.
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>> let them know it is their job to get tha t
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target is jumping into the wine business, about to pour a new line of affordable wines into stores in time for labor day. the new line which you can see here is called california roots, features five wines for five bucks a bottle, not bad. target says the wines will be available starting this sunday. in news 4 your health, your spouse may get on your nerves from time to time, but they're good for your heart, according to a new british study. it reveals married people are more likely than singles to survive a heart attack. marriage boosted the odds of survival for
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cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure. experts say the emotional and physical support spouses provide makes all the difference. metro police chief says calling it bizarre would be an understatement. a bus driver doused in the face by a woman carrying a cup of urine. they're trying to track down the passenger. >> reporter: it was all caught on surveillance video, a woman tossing a cup of her urine on a bus driver. >> what? >> poured urine on the bus driver. >> okay -- i don't even know what to say, i'm lost for words. somebody threw that on me, i don't know what i would be doing. oh. >> reporter: this bizarre assault topic a at the bus stop on minnesota avenue. th
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that's where police say the woman was standing there, ready to get off the x 2, the driver wished her a nice day, and shortly after that, fire away. have you ever known anybody to carry a cup of urine around with them? >> no. but if it's the x 2, lot of crazy stuff on that bus. seen a man with a cup of spit before on that bus. >> not urine. >> he was sitting there spitting and spitting. >> on the x 2. is the x 2 sort of an anything can happen bus? >> yeah, sure is. >> reporter: police say the woman actually got on the bus with an empty cup and then in the back, well -- >> video evidence that we retrieved, she's seen in the rear of the bus, relieving herself into a cup. >> reporter: the woman made a get away on foot. police want to identify her, track her down and hold her responsible for this unusual assault. >> what do you m o
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>> to say bizarre is an understatement, it is an assault, one that's not tolerated or warranted. i can't think of anything the operator did to warrant such an assault. >> that was pat collins reporting. the driver wasn't hurt but was taken to a nearby hospital for decontamination. 4:26. news4 continues now with aaron and eun. bracing for impact, after hovering over texas for days, tropical storm harvey is on the move again, ready to make landfall again, and it has another state in its sights. a warning before you get on metro this morning, what this man is accused of doing to a teenager on the red line. called it a funky forehand. >> you could say he almost met his match. the tennis player from our area that gave roger federer a run for his money and has everybody
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it is 4:27. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i am angie goff in for eun yang. >> you'll see the temperatures with chuck and sheena. we will follow breaking news bringing us up to speed on the roads. dave? >> guys, calling it double trouble in virginia on i-95. not one but two major truck crashes in the northbound lanes. once before 150 and one after virginia 619. express lanes are getting by. plan is to get some traffic by the first wreck quantico and 150. once that happens, the next blockade remains. route 1 might work. express lanes work with easy pass. going to be a rough morning. we're on top of it. head to storm
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chuck bell. good morning. >> that looks like an ugly ride in for friends and neighbors in frederick to work today. >> not good. good news weather wise, we're not seeing the rain like we had yesterday for the morning commute. it is unseasonably cool. >> i like it. windows were down for my ride to work early this morning. rain is gone. there's radar, nothing to worry about. nothing falling from the sky this morning. leave the umbrella at home. temperatures upper 50s to low to mid-60s in the area. we'll take that. school day forecast looked good. probably a lot of puddles on the playground. be careful for that. bus stop temperatures near 62 this morning. midday temperatures in the mid 70s, afternoon highs today mid to upper 70s. mets got a game in, another big win against the marlins. today's game starts 4:00 in the afternoon, perfect weather for baseball. what won't be perfect is saturday. we'll d
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what's left of harvey in a few moments. chuck, thank you. as we talk about harvey, it is putting communities underwater. we stay on top of where it is headed, louisiana is hanging on. storm team 4 forecasts landfall between 9:00 and 10:00 this morning. >> the storm caused so much death and destruction, we're seeing flooding in some parts of that state. you're looking at video from outside new orleans in st. charles parish. >> this man used a boat to get down the street. people are preparing for the worst. kristin wright has the latest from the live desk. >> president trump has already declared a disaster in five parishes in louisiana. as you said, we are watching for the exact moment harvey gets all the way on land. this is the kind of video we are already seeing. people rescued in high water there, too. this is lake charles where people said they had as much as two feet of water inside their homes. the national guard and
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out helping people now. the mayor of new orleans put the focus on houston last night. >> as houston begins to go through the great agony of what we go through attempting to rebuild, it is our position the nation should be ready to respond like they did for us. >> yesterday was 12 years since katrina. tough time there right now. back to you. >> kristin, tell us more about what the mayor had to say about louisiana? i guess the mayor of new orleans? >> the big thing is he said they're ready for whatever comes, but they think it is not going to be as bad as they originally predicted in new orleans. at least schools, public buildings there are open today. we hope he's right. back to you. >> kristin wright at the live desk. thank you. back in texas, harvey continues its record breaking assault. >> cities of beaumont and port arthur are under flash flood warnings, 12 inches of rain fell there in just six


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